Natural Sambung Nyawa Pills 5oz

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Natural Sambung Nyawa Pills 5oz

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◥ Natural Sambung Nyawa Pill 5oz

◥ Ingredients : 100% Sambung Nyawa (Gynura Procumbens)

◥ No Artificial Colours, No Flavours & No Preservatives 

◥ Dimensions: 2.6" width x 4.75" height
◥ BPA FREE Glass Bottle 
◥ Amber Glass Bottles helps keep direct SUNLIGHT and humidity.

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100% From Korea
100% From Nature 

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Health Benefits anti-tumor activity, blood pressure regulation, blood purification, blood sugar controller, cancer prevention, diabetes
Directions Take 20-30 pills twice a day.
Product Package Glass jar, Pills
Good herbal formulation Jujube, Rhizome of Atractylodes lancea, Longan Fruit
Storage Temperature room temperature
Country of origin Korea


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The word "Sambung Nyawa" means 'Continuation of Life' name given to this plant due to its medicinal properties such as an antipyretic, anti-inflammation and the leaves contiuents is also widely used for or as a skin care elixir. Other common names are Dawn Dewa, Daun Dewa (Sumatera), Leaves of the God, Mollucan Spinach, Akar Sebiak, Bai Bing Cao, Kelamai Merah, Ngokilo (Jawa/Java), Googoolipid, and San Qi Cao (China).

Sambung Nyawa can reduce the cholesterol rate and decrease the high blood pressure. it also used to cure constipation, diabetes and cancer. It also used to treat kidney problems.

This plant is cold and neutral. The benefits are antineoplastic, lower body heat, cure lymph disease, kidney disease, skin disease, decrease the blood pressure, lower the blood glucose, antimicrobial, anticarsinogenic, sitotoxic towards cancer cells, hypertensive, stroke, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, disruption toss, fed up vocal cord, fed up scruff, cough and sinusitis. This plant stem commonly used to relieve fever.

It is also used in medication for kidney failure, dysentery, and throat infection. Besides that, it can be used to stop the bleeding, overcome menstrual cycle problems, improve the kidney function and counter insomnia. The corm is used to remove hematoma, swelling and brake bone.

How To

Suggested Use : Take 20-30 pills twice a day.
Caution : Not recommended for pregnant women.


Some individuals may have adverse reactions to certain plants, herbs, and other natural products.
On any issue where no specific advice is given to consumers please follow this general advice; if you are currently taking the product; 
you are advised to discontinue use and consult your pharmacist or herbal medical doctor.
When speaking to your doctor or pharmacist you may find it is helpful to take a copy of this MHRA advice about the product with you.
You should continue to take any medication prescribed by your doctor. 


Frequently Asked Questions

A: Generally you boil 20g of tea/herb with 2L. of water. The ratio does not matter. However, it is recommended that you control the
saturation of the tea (how strong it is) depending on your personal
preference and body condition.

A: It depends on the tea/herb.
For leaves: boil for 15~20 min.
For hard fruits, roots, and stems: If you soak the tea/herb in water
for 1~2 hours before boiling, you can save time in boiling, and also
get a deeper flavor than without soaking.

A: Currently, what is listed on the site is what we mostly deal with in
retail stores. However, if there is a certain tea/herb that you wish to
get, you can send an email to or 844-344-0622.
Then, we may offer a price for obtaining the tea/herb, answer questions, and even offer purchase.

A: Yes, you can combine 5~10g of teas/herbs that you already have with's teas/herbs.
Although brewing one tea/herb is still good, combining 2~3 teas/herbs helps bring out
the remedial effects of the tea/herbs better than brewing just one tea/herb. However, most tea/herbs contain natural toxins,
and it is recommended that you boil 1~2 pieces of liquorice root along with the tea/herb to remove the toxin.

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